Case:A�10A�10 Cities
Date:A�Spring 2009
Class:A�10A�10 Cities seminar
Professor:A�Mona El Khafif
In Association With:A�CCA URBANlab AIASF
Sponsors & Partners:A�HOK Group, Inc., AIA San Francisco, CCA CaliforniaA�College of the Arts Department for Architecture, Matarozzi and Pelsinger Builders

10 x 10 Cities: Green Facts, Challenges, Futures
This exhibition focuses on the comparative metrics and analyses of 10 North American host cities for the American Institute of Architectsa�� annual national convention, including San Francisco. This installation is composed of three parts: the 10 X 10 Cities Comparative Datascape, the 10 Citiesa�� Exemplary Green Projects Showcase, and the 10 Visions for San Francisco Project which is integrated into the fabric of the city through a bus shelter campaign on view at strategic locations.

This exhibit intends to expand and advance the conversation about sustainability by actively engaging architects, designers, and citizens to take the positive, immediate steps necessary to mitigate the impact of our everyday behaviors and to engage these stakeholders critically in ameliorating urban contributions to climate change.
10 x 10 Cities presents a challenge to imagine a different future than the one we have previously projected word choice. This is a call to action.


10 X 10 Cities Comparative Datascape
The datascape graphically portrays a comparative analysis and ranking of the current environmental metrics of 10 Citiesa��Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Miami, New Orleans, New York, San Diego, San Francisco, Toronto, Washington D.C.a��investigated through the lens of 10 criteria which measure sustainability: natural disaster potential; geography and urban footprint; public green space, population density and growth; carbon footprint; water use and water conservation; waste generation and recycling; public transportation and traffic; energy consumption; climate action plan (CAP); and quality of life.

10 Cities Exemplary Green Projects
Drawn from the local AIA chapters in the 10 cities who were asked to highlight their citya��s exemplary green projects, this mosaic demonstrates commendable architectural, interior design or interiors and landscape responses to the challenges of sustainable practice. Accompanying this part of the exhibition are printed guides describing in detail the projects displayed, as well as citations of further sources of information about their special circumstances.

Ten posters displayed on 20 of San Franciscoa��s Muni bus shelters throughout the City incorporate the principal features of Building a Bright Future: San Franciscoa��s Environmental Plan by re-imagining this city transformed by innovative responses to climate change. In this campaign, the urban realm is re-envisioned with responses to ten critical imperatives for the city: to recycle waste, revitalize our urban terrain, recircuit our modes of transit, resource local water, resize our urban footprint, rehabilitate underutilized and dilapidated city spaces, redesign our buildings to embody green principles, renew clean energy, respect our environment and social justice, and reverse global warming.

The architectural strategy of the installation integrates aspects of sustainability through its material components and the programmatic flexibility of the modules. These elements are designed to be re-arranged for other exhibition spaces and to re-aggregate for further programmatic uses. The idea of the multiple programmatic livesa�� simultaneously both an exhibition and lounge furniture, a catwalk or separation walla��is a strategy that recycles architectural elements in relation to changing programmatic needs. The dimensions and sectional profiles of the modules are generated according to a yin-yang interlocking logic, designed to support material efficiency, and therefore, minimize waste.

AIA San Francisco Legacy Committee:A�Jennifer Devlin AIA, Kit Ratcliff FAIA, Ila Berman CCA, Lisa Boquiren, Mona El Khafif CCA, Catherine Haas, Byron Kuth AIA, Catherine Nueva Espana, Margie OA?Driscoll, Cathy Simon FAIA, Grace Yi, Michael Stanton, Rachael Yu CCA
Exhibition Design and Installation:A�California College of the Arts:
CCA Architecture/URBANlab
CCA Director of Architecture:A�Ila Berman
Project Coordinator of CCA URBANlab:A�Mona El Khafif
Exhibition Concept and Design lead:A�Mona El Khafif
Exhibition Curation:A�Catherine Haas
Exhibition Installation Production lead:A�Igor Siddiqui
Bus Shelter Campaign Research and Design Team:A�Annelise Aldrich, Jessica Gibson, Leah Hickey, Mariah Hodges, Ariane Mates, Yegvenia Torres, Rachael Yu (project lead)
Green Projects Graphic Design Team:A�Lucinda Waysack, Darlene Kong, Leah Hickey
Datascape Graphic Design:A�Christin Chi
Installation Design Team:A�Matthew Enering, Alvin Kong
Graphic Identity Team:A�Christin Chi, Leah Hickey

Sponsors & Partners:A�HOK Group, Inc., AIA San Francisco, CCA California College of the Arts Department for Architecture, Matarozzi and Pelsinger Builders