Networked Cities

Class: David Fletcher
Instructors:A�Mona El Khafif, Rick Kos (GIS Workshops)
Dates:A�Fall 2010

In cooperation with SPUR San Francisco Urban Center:

In the next 40 years the US expects a population growth of an additional 130 million Americans facing increasingA� challenges due to global climate change, water shortage, economical and social instability and over aged infrastructure systems. America 2050A� identified 11 metropolitan mega-regions in the US that are identified through their environmental systems and geography, infrastructure systems, economic linkages, settlement patterns, shared culture and history in order to initiate a coalition of planners, designers, scholars, and policy-makers to develop a framework for the nationa��s growth that considers a sustainable urban future. The San Francisco Bay area embedded into the larger context of North California is one of the US metropolitan regions where the growth will take place. An area that is historically defined through ita��s environmental systems.

In the state of uncertainties and challenges, organizational and spatial networks have become the most powerful tool in how we have to organize our urban futures. The seminar will introduce traditional and contemporary techniques of urban system analysis including ArchGIS in order to understand the current spatial effects and challenges of the San Francisco Bay Area. The generation of analytical techniques developed through these diagrams, infographics and other forms of visual documentation, will be supported by the study of contemporary theories of spatial analysis and the investigation of strategies used by MVRDV, OMA, Stan Allen, Saskia Sassen and Lewis Mumford among others. The seminar will consists out of several assignments dedicated to the scan of the mega region, guest lectures, readings, discussions and design speculations that will investigate the up coming challenges and design issues of our larger urban environment. Additional international precedents will allow a global perspective on regionalism and the need for sustainable design strategies and policies.

The class will be hold in close cooperation with SPUR San Francisco Planning and Urban Research who is interested to discuss the research with the public.

Diagram Atlanta Source: Drossscape Allen Berger, Mapping Bay Area: Brittney Grover