Social Migrations

Class:A�Social Migrations + City
Instructor:A�Liz Ogbu

Increasingly, socioeconomic and political processes are shaping the city. Nowhere is this more evident than in the case of social migrations. This phenomenon, be it rural to urban, country to country, or continent to continent, is radically reshaping the face of many cities around the world. Understanding the dynamics of these conditions and the implications for us as architects often means reaching beyond our boundaries to other disciplines such as economics, anthropology, and urban planning, where the groundwork for analysis has already been laid. Through a series of cross-disciplinary readings and in-depth case studies of global examples such as Los Angeles, Shanghai, Caracas, and Johannesburg, this course seeks provide a repertoire of analytic concepts that include, but do not operate in conflict with, the tools we possess as designers to foster a deeper knowledge and expanded lens with which to view the contemporary city and our role in it.