The Urban Lung

Project:A�The Urban Lung
Date:A�Spring 2009
Credit:A�Jessica Wolkoff, Elizabeth Rose Jackson, Sinan Tanridag
Class:A�Jerusalem: Divided City/Common Ground
Professor: Ila Berman, Mona El Khafif, Stan Field

Caught in a constant state of transformation, the city of Jerusalem is sustained by its deeply embedded history and relationship to the natural environment.A� Current issues of border and division however, stress these critical links.The Urban LungA�filters the elements of Jerusalem through a mosaic of interventions that challenge people to care for and respect their natural resources now to ensure their existence in the future. A sustainable future for Jerusalema��s border territory must be sensitive to the nuances of natural and cultural identity, establishing distinction without separation.A� Unraveling the natural processes of building the local earth reveals a strategy for building a whole city.