URBANBuild Local Global

Authors:A�Ila BermanA�andMona El Khafif
Published:A�William Stout Publishers, 2010

URBANbuild local global published by William Stout publishers (2010) is most notably a documentation of the work of URBANbuild, a program launched by Berman to be a unique multi-scaled laboratory for city research as well as a vehicle to generate innovative design strategies to aid in New Orleansa��s revitalization and future urban development. The program primarily focused its investigations on culturally significant neighborhoods central to the core of the city that had been severely damaged, not only by Hurricane Katrina, but also by a long history of neglect and urban decay. One of the critical intentions of the program was to tactically operate across a wide range of distinct scales: from the macro-scale of the city, to the micro-scale of individual works of architecture. a�?URBANbuilda�? signifies the compression of this spectrum, referring to a progression that spans from urban design to design build, and the complex enfolding of design research with material practices. URBANbuilda��s multi-layered nature thus emerges as a method for collaborative cross-disciplinary dialog, as a resistance to either overly local and ad hoc, or overly global and generic solutions for the future development of cities.

URBANbuild: local global is, quite literally, a double-sided book. Its intention, to simultaneously look inward toward the city of New Orleans, and outward toward a larger global context, emerged from the desire to reconnect local research, analysis and design with a broader framework that embraces knowledge and experience drawn from comparable world cities. The creation of a local-global matrix was intended to expand potential future urban scenarios by mining the intellectual capital of other watercities challenged by related issues and to establish an inventory of linked models at multiple scales that can be both provocative and educational in advancing strategies for urban regeneration.

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