CCA _ Feb 25, 2012A�We are pleased to announce FORMATIONS 2012, a series ofA�software based workshopsA�for students and professionals taking place on Feb 25th at CCA in San Francisco. FORMATIONS, an annual workshop series at theA�California College of the Arts, provides a platform for students and professionals in the design disciplines to explore new technologies in a hands-on workshop setting.A�FORMATIONSA�is a collaboration of the three research labs at CCA. Each year the focus of the event evolves to reflect emerging research topics in the fields of architecture, landscape, and urban design in relationship to new media.A�Eligibility:A�The workshops are open to all students and professionals in the design fields.A�Cost:A�Each workshop costs $75 for students and $175 for professionalsA�Hardware and Software:A�Attendees must bring their own laptop to the workshop. For software requirements please see below.A�Location:A�All workshops will be held on the CCA San Francisco Campus. Exact Classroom/Labs TBA.A�WORKSHOP REGISTRATION:A�(Registration Link)

Mapping Urban Information with ESRI ArcGISA�Date:A�Feb 25, 10am-5pmA�Instructor:MonaA�El-Khafif (CCA)A�& Richard Kos (CCSF GIS Education Center/ San Jose State University)Description:A�During this workshop session participants will be introduced to the general applications of ESRI ArcGIS as a software tool for the collection of digital geospatial data and the analysis of complex urban environments. Geographic Information Systems (GIS)-compatible shapefiles, geodatabases and raster imagery are accessible in diverse online data archives. The workshop will teach methods for collecting and organizing a variety of geospatial data sets in order to build a GIS archive. Participants will learn to activate and use the embedded data sets for urban network analysis and Census data analysis. In the second part of the workshop, we will explore the most commonly-used tools in ArcGIS toolbox in order to identify the tools of interest to architects and urban designers for understanding and exploring the urban environment.Prerequisite:A�A basic understanding of ArcGIS 10 is recommended, but not required.A�Software:A�The software is installed in the CCA Computer Labs on the San Francisco campus. Participants will work on the computer stations at CCA.

Neocartography: An Introduction to Interactive Online MappingA�(Registration Link)A�Date:A�Feb 25, 10am-5pmA�Instructor:A�Sha Hwang (Trulia)A�Description:A�This workshop will introduce the basic tools and techniques required to make custom interactive maps online. We will focus on the Google Maps mapping library, the core of our many mapping projects. Together, we will move from making simple interactive maps towards using custom cartography and live geographic data.A�Prerequisite:A�No programming experience is required.A�Software:A�For web development we will only need a suitable text editor and a browser to test on. For Mac users, this means Textmate or Sublime Text 2, and for Windows users, this means Notepad++, EditPlus, or E Text Editor. For browsers, we will Google Chrome for testing.A�All workshop attendees should bring their own laptop with at least one text editor mentioned above pre-installed.

Additional Workshops offered by FORMATION 2012

BIM Modeling with REVITA�Date:A�Feb 25, 10am-5pmA�Software:

Performance Based Design with VASARIA�Date:A�Feb 25, 10am-5pmA�Instructor:A�Jim Cowan (Autodesk)A�Software:A�

A�Introduction to Arduino & Electronics 101 for Artists and ArchitectsA�Date:A�Feb 25, 10am-5pmA�Instructor:A�Michael Shiloh (Teach Me to Make)A�Free Software:A�Arduino IDEA�Hardware:Arduino KitA�or similar kit

Parametric Modeling with GRASSHOPPER IA�Instructor:A�Jason Johnson & Ripon DeleonA�Prerequisite:A�Basic knowledge ofA�RhinoA�Software:A�The latest builds ofA�RhinoA�andA�Grasshopper