Lisa Findley

Lisa Findley

Professor Lisa Findley teaches both MArch and BArch students in advanced design studios and special topic seminars and coordinates the Integrated Building Design Studios at CCA. Every other spring semester, with co-teacher Peter Anderson, she leads a travel studio to China.

Lisa is a registered architect and an active architectural journalist who writes primarily in public venues to explore architecture and its position as a visual and cultural practice in a rapidly changing world. Her architectural education was underpinned by undergraduate work in environmental science and policy as well as political theory. As a result, her reading, research, and writing cross over into many other fields, including cultural geography and anthropology, cultural and postcolonial studies, landscape architecture, natural history, and cartography. She is a frequent participant in conferences related to architecture, geography, and cultural studies.

With a keen interest in travel and other cultures, Lisa has taught and lectured at universities in Malaysia, Australia, and South Africa as well as throughout the United States and has worked as an international workshop teacher with the Getty Conservation Institute. She has traveled extensively as an architectural journalist and academic, in pursuit of an ever-increasing understanding of the roles architecture and space play within the dynamics of culture and power, and the role architects and their practices can perform in the exploration and manifestation of locally based modernisms.

Lisa is author of the bookA�Building Change: Architecture, Politics, and Cultural AgencyA�(Routledge, 2005) and the following essays: “Architecture and the Representation of Culture: The Tjibaou Cultural Center” inA�The Green Braid: Towards an Architecture of Ecology, Economy, and EquityA�(Routledge, 2007), “Once Again by the Pacific: Returning to Sea Ranch” with coauthor Tim Culvahouse inA�Judging Architectural ValueA�(Minnesota 2007), a�?Red and Gold: Two Apartheid Museums and the Spatial Politics of Memory in the ‘New’ South Africaa�? inA�Places JournalA�online, 2011, and upcoming in 2014 from Routledge, an essay with co-author Liz Ogbu, “Becoming Visible: Appropriating the Spaces of Apartheid South Africa” in the bookA�Consuming Architecture. With co-editors Marco Cenzatti and Abidin Kusno, Lisa was a theme editor for the spring 2010 issue of theA�Journal of Architectural Education (JAE)A�titledA�Changing Asia. Lisa served on the editorial board of theA�Journal of Architectural EducationA�from 2004a��10 and as a contributing editor toA�Architectural Recordfrom 2003a��10.

As an architectural journalist, Lisa has written over seventy-five articles for numerous publications, includingA�ArchitectA�magazine,ArchitectureA�magazine,A�Architectural Record, Harvard Design Magazine, World Architecture, Architecture Australia, Architecture South Africa, BaumeisterA�andA�Places Journal. She is also author of introductions for monographs on buildings and architectural practices and of catalog essays.

Lisa’s current research is on contemporary architects and architectural practices outside of Europe and North America that seek robust locally derived building technologies and formal, spatial and contextual building strategies that form a response to the homogenization and the capital intensive technologies of globalized practice.

Lisa has taught at CCA since 1995. She is the founder of CCA’s MArch Program, served as Interim Chair for both the BArch and MArch Programs from 2005-2008, and served as Chair of the BArch Program from 2009-2012.