Open Source Cartography

Event: Mapping Patterns of Crowd Sourced Data
Date:A�April 16
Time:A�7:00 pm a�� 9:00 pm followed by a reception CCA Timken Lecture Hall, 1111 Eighth Street,A�94107 San Francisco

The A�CCA Department of Architecture URBANlab and the CCSF GIS Education CenterA�are inviting to a shared lecture and discussion onA�Open Source Cartography. Compared to traditional data sources such as government data, crowd-sourced data provides so far unavailable information on identification, perception/emotion and social interaction. Yet, fundamentally new approaches are required to map, visualize and analyze its undiscovered patterns as well as to explore implications for professions working with people and the real environment.

Please join the interdisciplinary presentations by:

Aaron Straup Cope, Design Technologist, Stamen Design.

Alexander Dunkel, Landscape Architect Dresden University of Technology, doctorate candidate.

German Aparicio, founder of informedCITIES and Adjunct Professor at CCA Architecture.


Mona El Khafif, Assoc. Professor CCA Architecture Project Coordinator URBANlab

Mono Simeone, CCSF, GIS Education Center, Program Manager

Speakers Bio:

Aaron Straup CopeA�was senior engineer at Flickr focusing on all things geo, machinetag and galleries related between 2004 and 2009. From 2009 to 2011 he was design technologist and Director of Inappropriate Project Names at Stamen, where he worked at the forefront of data visualization, cartography and online mapping. He is currently a freelance software developer and a member of the Near Future Laboratory. In addition he sits on the advisory board to the Built Works Registry and currently serving as Co-Director of Revolutionary Technologies for the Spinny Bar History Society.A� Aarona��s work has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art as well as 20A�200. He is a frequent speaker at the Museums and the Web conference.

Topic: a�?gossip begets genealogya�?

Alexander DunkelA�is a doctorate candidate in the depa rtment of Landscape Architecture at Dresden University of Technology, Germany. His research interests fall mainly in the field of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, with current research focusing on the increasing connection between the physical existent landscape and the virtual internet on a regional scale. During his stay at University of California, Berkeley he is studying a different approach of data usage and analyzing new participatory models in planning. Alexandera��s other interests include data analysis, GIS algorithms and programming.

Topic: a�?Network-Landscapesa�?

German AparicioA�is founder of informedCITIES, a multidisciplinary firm focused on emerging technologies for future cities, cities driven by real-time data, systems and networks making urban areas better places to live, work and play. He has both research and professional experience in the field of computational design as a consultant for Ove Arup design engineering firm and as research associate at SENSEable CityLaboratory (MIT). German Aparicio has taught architectural design at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), California College of Arts (CCA) in San Francisco and University of California, Berkeley and at the Institute for Computational Design, University of Stuttgart, Germany. Most recently, German completed his scholar in residency program with Autodeska��s IDEA Studio for a research project on Future Cities and Urban Sensing.

Topic: a�?Future Cities and Urban Sensinga�?