SAP / Projects in Progress

Event: South America Project / Projects in Progress at Buenos Aires Biennale, Exhibition and Symposium.
Date: September 25, 26, 27 2013, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenis Aires, Argentina
Venue: Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The South American Project (SAP) is a trans-continental applied research network that proactively endorses the role of design within rapidly transforming geographies of the South American Continent. SAP specifically focuses on how a spatial synthesis best afforded by design can provide alternative physical and experiential identities to the current spatial transformations reshaping the South American Hinterland. SAP brings together over 131 participants from the Americas and across the globe, who are leading 23 collaborative projects in 11 countries, under the auspices of 43 public and private sponsors.By drawing together individuals who work in different disciplines from across the Americas, SAP combines diverse design methodologies that can create alternative models to not only visualize and evaluate the effects of fast-paced urbanization, but also to propose specific pilot projects for alternative models of urbanization in the region. Ranging from small, highly calibrated interventions to larger territorial visions, this collection of multiple individual projectsa��diverse in ambition, scale, and scopea��unite these otherwise dispersed proposals within a single organization, and articulate the methodological and instrumental diversity that design can to the regiona��s current culture of development.

Hosted by the Buenos Aires Architecture Biennale and Revista PLOT, SAP / Projects in Process exhibits an interim overview of the networka��s applied research and design projects. In addition to the exhibition, the symposium will as platform for deliberation and action, providing clear directives for future development of this collective work.

Felipe Correa;
Associate Professor, Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Co-founder, The South America Project

Ana MarA�a Duran; Professor, Pontificia Universidad CatA?lica del Ecuador
Co-founder, The South America Project

Florencia RodrA�guez; Editorial Director, Revista Plot
Loeb Fellow a�?14


Maria Arquero
Anita Berrizbeitia
Neeraj Bhatia
Alejandra Bosch
Angelo Bucci,
Tomas Cervilla
McLain Clutter
Martin Cobas
Alejandro Cohen
Felipe Correa
Jean Pierre Crousse
Marcelo Danza
Ana MarA�a DurA?n
Marcos Favero
Alberto Foyo
Alexandre Delijaicov
Gabriel Duarte
Eugenio GarcA�s
Pablo Gerson
Santiago del Hierro
Flavio Janches
Ashley Scott Kelly
Pierre Martin
Rahul Mehrotra
Felipe Mesa
Rodrigo PA�rez de Arce
Camilo Restrepo
Christopher Roach
Florencia RodrA�guez
MarA�s Sandor
Graciela Silvestri
Roger Sherman
Laurent Troost
Sandra Vivanco
Leonardo Zylberberg

Symposium Coordination: Victor MuA�oz Sanz
Exhibition Design: Ryley Poblete

Buenos Aires Team:

Florencia Medina
Dolores Oliver
Javier Rojas
Pedro Videla

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