The Urban Works Agency is anA�advanced research lab at the California College of the Arts that focuses on contemporary issues at the intersection of urbanism, landscape, and architecture. Co-directed by Neeraj Bhatia and Christopher Roach, The Urban Works Agency is the successor toA�the URBANlab, which was initiated at CCA in 2008 by Mona El Khafif. Over five years of directing the lab, El Khafif oversaw urban studios and seminars. She initiated a series of research projects, panel discussions, and workshops dedicated to digital cartographies and launched the City 1:1 initiative. This series of design-build projects and exhibitions include 10×10 Cities in cooperation with the AIA, OPspace, iLounge, The 10 Mile Garden, and InstantPlayground.A� These projects had been presented at the San Jose Biennial and the Urban Prototyping event in San Francisco.

While it is a great loss to haveA�El Khafif move on to another institution, we are excited to see the design-research projects she is undertaking at The University of Waterlooa��s A�DATAlab, co-directed by Maya PrzybylskiA� and Mona El Khafif.

The Urban Works Agency builds on this legacy of work while re-centering focus to issues of design agency in urbanism. This shift aligns with a recently launched MAAD Urban Works Degree a�� a Master of Advanced Architectural Design post-professional degree with a concentration in urbanism and landscape architecture at CCA. The Urban Works post-professional program draws upon the entrepreneurial spirit of San Francisco and the Bay Area to engage students as active agents in forming a product that has a direct or indirect effect on the city.


Current projects by the Urban Works Agency include:

a�� The Agent: A semi-annual interview series publication

a�� The Petropolis of Tomorrow: A research platform examining the relationship between urbanism and resource extraction

a�� Urbanism from Within: A study on strategies for diffuse density for domestic space.


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