The Agent, Issue 3 launch

Event: Panel discussion and launch of The Agent, issue 3
Date: October 8, 2016, 5-7PM
Location: Market Street Prototyping Festival,
CCA Mobile Craft Lab (intersection of Market and Yerba Buena Lane)

This panel discussion will examine the architectural agency in producing unsolicited work. It will feature panelists from Ant Farm and Rebar, two iconic Bay Area practices that instigated action through bottom up interventions. This physical engagement with urban and societal conditions also places Rebara��s and Ant Farma��s mode of practice into the realm of activism a�� a discipline-specific form of a�?generative activisma�? that rejects protest and prevention as a mode of operating. Instead, both practices put forward an activism that offers unexpected readings and innovative alternatives to current conditions. It is a form of activism that uses material artifacts and spatial interventions as a mechanism to diagnose a problem, while opening up a space of experimentation that invites participation and critical engagement.

The panel discussion will be framed around the launch of Issue 3 of The Agent, a bi-annual interview series produced by The Urban Works Agency at CCA.

Chip Lord & Curtis Schreier Ant Farm
Blaine Merker Rebar
Simon Sadler UC Davis

Antje Steinmuller CCA, Studio URBIS
Neeraj Bhatia CCA, The Open Workshop