The City and the City

The City and the City – Housing the Next 100,000

Opening: September 9, 6:00pm
Exhibition: on view through Spring 2017

654 Mission Street,
San Francisco, CA

The City and the City is a design-research exhibition that uses the goal of adding 100,000 housing units as an alibi to explore the potential expressions of a lateral internal densification of San Francisco. Ranging from the redefinition of the ‘rooma�� as the most basic element of domestic space and its aggregation into collective forms of living and working that take on the a�?precarious workera�� as their subject, to the form of the “unbuilt citya�? of unexploited zoning over the existing city, the exhibition puts forward the image of a new, and more resilient city of alternative housing typologies as well as urban collective forms in close dialog with San Franciscoa��s unique topographic conditions.

The City and the City is the second in a series of collaborations between SPUR, San Francisco Planning, and the Urban Works Agency. Co-curated by Antje Steinmuller and Christopher Roach, it includes design research from their studios at CCA as well as studios run by Pier Vittorio Aureli and Emily Abruzzo at Yale University. Opening on September 9 at 6:00pm at SPUR, 626 Mission St. in San Francisco, the exhibition runs through the spring of 2017.