Urbanism From Within and The City And The City on view in Seoul

A Tale of Two Cities – San Francisco and Seoul

Under the themes of sharing and urban regeneration, this exhibition brought together three design research projects from two schools. Drawing from the unique spatial and cultural conditions of Seoul and San Francisco, the exhibition exposed potentials for sharing space in cities today – from the scale of the a�?Banga��, a collective living room typology in Seoul, to secondary dwelling units and new forms of public infrastructure in San Francisco. Hosted by Soongsil Universitya��s Swing Gallery in early May, the exhibition was on view at Citizens Hall in Seoula��s City Hall through May 26.

A Tale of Two Cities was supported by Soongsil University, the Department of Urban Regeneration at the Metropolitan Government of Seoul, and a California College of the Arts Faculty Development Grant.

Image Credit: Jungin Kim