Win-Win: Board Games for a World Without Money

Museum of Capitalism
55 Harrison Street, Oakland CA 94607
Friday, July 28

Join us to play a series of board games called ‘Win-Win’ that stage competitive and cooperative scenarios in the face of climate risk. These games model interactions among players, objectives and resources to test the social justice implications of sea level rise mitigation schemes. Equally important, they model the space of cities, offering unique ideas about the built environment in direct relationship to such dynamics. Together, these two interpretations of a a�?modela�� serve as a new kind of decision-making tool for a warming world: one that imagines new relationships among economies, publics and architectural design.

Win-Win games were created by students at the California College of the Arts, Syracuse University, and Columbia University over the past three years; and by Janette Kim at the Urban Works Agency in partnership with the Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC).